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The Delicate ::: Theatre in the North ::: Crime-Plays, Dinner-Plays & more

… Sophisticated interactive theatre productions, events with a savvy touch of individuality and artistic commitments in many areas.
With us not only will you get individual plays but also a very delicate cast!
We offer Dine-and-Crime Theatre, Railway Crime Theatre, Baroque Comedy. Summer Theatre, 20ies Theatre, Fantasy Theatre with Count Dracula, delicate diversity with Corporate Theatre, readings with music, Poetic Walks, Walk Acts, Street of Poetry, delicate theatre productions – always with a spoonful of poetry, a dash of sensuality, a drop of earnestness and a hint of black humour.

Mimi-und-Jonathan-01-150x150The last Supper
Titania 02Midsummer Night´s Dream
Raub-der-Perlenkette-01-150x150Stolen Pearl Necklace
Dracula-bittet-zu-Tisch-04-150x150Count Dracula

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