Crime-Dinner: The Last Supper

Deliciously dangerous!

… a spooky night in a lonesome manor house… on a secluded island… far away from the mainland… where the murder mystery writer Mimi Durst has invited some guests to celebrate her 50th birthday.
She’s also using the opportunity to promote her new book ‚ The Last Supper‚and has cooked up something very special for the occasion.The party begins with harmless, idle banter, which, however, slowly leads to a murderous climax.Some of the guests have a motive for murder.Outside, a storm is raging and the next boat to the mainland won’t leave until the next morning.Can Detective Conan solve the case with the help of the other guests?
PS: All of our guests leave the dining room alive!

DZ-Bank Frankfurt: „It was great fun and a really professional play, very British. Thanks a lot!“

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