Midsummer Night’s Dream

… While Titania, Queen of the Fairies, loses herself in sweet dreams, failing to notice that she’s fallen in love with a donkey. Oberon, King of the Fairies, finds immense pleasure in the mass confusion he is creating among the Children of Men with his Magical Flower. Flute tries to get aplay off the ground and Nick Bottom debates on whether or not he might also play the lion. In the meantime Hypolitha sings and dances a colourful Midsummer Night’s Dream with the audience. The moon appears over the lake and a puzzling melody rings out from the forest and letting the confused hearts find each other once again…

Audience reactions: „… An absolutely perfect evening as Titania swayed to and fro on a colossal swing, Zettel and Flaut played their scene on a raft on the lake, and Oberon sat with Titania in a boat, disappearing into the evening mist – accompanied by the mysterious sounds of a didgeridoo wafting in the background…“

Herrenhaus Borghorst
Schloss Glücksburg
Gut Gremmelin
Farchauer Mühle
Kloster Bentlage

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